NYC Lic. #1192
Nassau Co. Lic. #1124
Valley Stream Lic. #450
B.P. Device Lic. #01666

Generally speaking, a plumber is the person who installs and maintains piping and its systems, equipment associated with plumbing fittings, piping and its fixtures, and apparatus used for upkeep and usage of water and its equipment. The specifics of a plumber's vocation are varied, and one must be educated in the area of plumbing to fully understand what is required.

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Plumbing is a skilled trade of working with pipes for use with water, drainage and natural gas.

Plumbers have various responsibilities when engaging in the act of plumbing. Installation of commercial, housing and industrial plumbing works as well as maintaining installed systems and their fixtures, including locating connections, and any mechanics including fixtures that are hidden from plain view.

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